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Hey dolls! Our names our Angel and Nica. We are two ambitious young women making our way in the fashion industry. We are here to bring you all the joy fashion has to offer all you beautiful people!
Enjoy our blog!!!

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Tattoos. Cher Lloyd. Studs. DIY. Crosses. Glitter. Leopard Print. Alice + Olivia. Statement Necklaces. Combat Boots. Jeffrey Campbell. Bustiers. Crop Tops. Hot pink. Nick Jonas. Leather. Denim. Anglomania. One Direction. Braids. Lace. Huge Earrings. Spikes. Neon. Chanel. Onesies. Curly unmanagable hair. Travis Garland. Scarves. Nail polish. Really red hair. Dogs. Ombre anything. Floral. All things high waisted.
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tags: elegance. luxury. fashion. girl. heel. white. model. pretty. woman. glamur.

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